CleverFOX - Loyalty and accounting system for casinos


Operating Operating


  • summary of bars and mirrors and machines
  • control of long-term counters
  • casinos statement
  • transfer of electronic cash book
  • visit book
  • placing to warehouse management
  • placing new service
  • card administration
  • work with players
  • receipt of record keeping
  • statistics of
    • the largest write-offs for players and service
    • number of shifts barmans and write-offs status, sells and handpay machines, purchase to bar etc.
    • warehouse card export
Manager Manager


  • module for company owners and their head casino managers
  • summary and filters
    • above statements (how much cash is at particular casinos/bars,what profit casinos has for certain period etc..)
    • above list of machines (how much machines load today, yestarday, per week, where dropped the biggest win etc. )
    • above list of machines
    • above write-offs (barman, who write-offs the most, player, who is consuming the most goods, establishment, that write-offs the most cigarettas etc..)
    • above goods sale
Service engineer Service

Service engineer

  • module is for head engineer or his colleagues
  • register error list at the bars, monitor the status its solution, average time to resolve, inform about status change of problem etc.
  • register list of non-functional machines, machines, that haven't accepted cash more then 24 hours ago, machines don't communicate with our programs etc.
  • register our communication desks for particular machines
  • module is optimalized for tablets
Live game Live game

Live game

  • control and actual live game status
  • program is arrange for each tablet of play machine
  • register players, who are playing at the table by non-contact card

System functionality

  • online connection to data collection from machines
  • loyality system with non-contact cards
  • cashier system for free sale and write-offs
  • warehouse management, depreciation for average purchase price, summary for financial administration
    • system knows to sell and give summary for VAT for particular casinos
    • average purchase price for month write-off
  • opportunity to have more cashier  for one establisment
  • strict laws for entry to administration of bars for managers
    • possibility to show managers bar only or all with restricted laws
  • electronic cash books and transfer between them
    • transfer between cash books
    • bar could write to cash book over withdrawal only
    • it couldn't lost cash and it isn't possible to rewrite cash book retrospectively
  • electronic mirrors for each shifts include printing through a laser printer
    • loading short-term counters from machines
    • service couldn't make a mistake at creation mirrors
    • closing mirrors and automatic creation new mirrors for next shift
  • casino statement for certain period ( inclusive costs, secondary incomes, profits from bars, profits from machines.. )
    • automatic loading long-term counters
    • automatic loading data from mirrors (payment from bar cashier, payment card, receipt, write-off and sell goods etc.
    • managers payments evidence
  • cards could be use for paying at cashier.
    • it is possible to charge the card or get credits from loyalities points and buy goods at discounted prices at the bar
    • it is possible returns of these points to the game
  • 3 level of players with different advantage to write-off goods
  • electronic visit book meeting the legal conditions
    • player register to the book just once and then it isn't nesessary his data fill again (good change for players)
    • possibility to connect the reader of ID's or passport
    • quick work for service with players list
    • the print of quest book meeting all legal conditions
  • sending messages to particular cashier with obligations confirmation about reading
    • opportunity send collective messages to the cashier
    • collective messages for users
  • banned players inclusive note for service warning
    • card of banned players has different color at the cashier
    • service could show the note with information about player
  • note to players
    • the inform icons will appear for players who has quoted note for service
  • failure of machine and service
    • all requests from the operating side are recorded at the system
    • to resolve on the part of engineer / manager is still displayed on the cashier
    • each new problem is reported by SMS and email to manager and head engineer
    • backward register of time to resolve problem
    • clear display all the problems at the casinos and the status of their solutions
Benefits system

system benefits

  • cashier
    • ergonomic design of aplication
    • easy operation
    • clear display all information
    • big 21 inch touch cashier
  • Operations and manager part of application
    • optimalized for mobil phones and tablets
    • oriented to maximum ease of use of the system
    • opportunity to log in from anywhere
    • high security through VPN tunel
    • opportunity to secure operation's notebooks with SW key (higher security saved data)
Benefits system


  • all is powered by operation system Linux
  • aplication part cashier is programmed in Java
  • cashier is run at brand HP
  • manager output and bar service is in PHP
  • all is secured by VPN tunel
  • manager could log in from casier to his borderline
  • operation and manager part of application is optimalized for mobile phones and tablets
  • live game is optimilized for tablets
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